Solid fuel boilers with a capacity of 98 – 150 kW

They allow the mechanism to function even under the highest loads

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“Denasmash” water heating boilers with a capacity of 98 kW (KVT-0.1) and 150 kW (KVT-0.15) are intended for water heating of residential, administrative and industrial premises. KVT-0.1 – heating area 450-1100 m², KVT-0.15 – heating area 700-1700 m². The advantage of these models is that they are equipped with mechanical turbulators, which allow not only to remove heat more efficiently, but also simplify the process of cleaning the heat exchanger. Also, the dimensions in terms of length and width are insignificant for this power. Our designers have created an effective, economical and safe model of a solid fuel boiler. Solid fuel boilers of the KVT series are easy to maintain and safe.

Complete set with manual fuel loading

  1. Blow fan;
  2. Mechanical system for cleaning soot from the heat exchanger;
  3. Cleaning kit
  4. Control controller;
  5. Cast iron grates;
  6. Security group;
  7. Turbulizers

Complete set with automatic fuel loading

  1. Automatic burner;
  2. Mechanical system for cleaning soot from the heat exchanger;
  3. Cleaning kit;
  4. Cast iron grates;
  5. Turbulizers;
  6. Delivery hopper with fuel supply system to the burner;
  7. Blow fan;
  8. Security group;
  9. Fire extinguishing system;
  10. Control controller;


  1. Boilers with a capacity of 98 kW and 150 kW are quite versatile, the types of fuel are interchangeable, there is no need to be tied to only one type of raw material. Also, boilers with automatic fuel supply, if necessary, can be supplied with fuel manually. For ease of operation, we increased the dimensions of the firebox;
  2. These models have a mechanical soot cleaning device. This means that the heat exchanger will work with maximum heat output throughout the heating season;
  3. The boilers are equipped with a control controller that regulates the fuel supply and ensures continuous operation of the boiler in the specified power range. So you get increased productivity with economical fuel consumption;
  4. Environmental friendliness and safety of the equipment, the level of emission of CO 2 into the atmosphere is minimized. The boilers are certified, manufactured in compliance with all norms of current legislation and technical specifications.

Basic technical characteristics

ParametersUnits of measurementkW 0,10 (а), (р)kW 0,15 (а), (р)
Nominal heat capacitykW98150
Area of ​​heated premisesм2450-1100700-1700
Power adjustment rangekW45-11070-170
Boiler outlet water temperatureоСno more 95
Working water pressure MPa 0,2
The volume of the coolantм30,320,52
Temperature of gases. оСno more 160
Mass of the boilerkg7601250
Oversized– Lengthmm9901510
sizes– width10461416
(without bunker)– Height21762456
Connection size:– coolantDn 50Dn 50
– nipplePSKDn 25Dn 25
– funnelmm260 х 120260 х 120
Efficiency:– on pellets%85
– firewood and its waste (W ≥ 50%)81 – 84
Fuel consumption:– on pelletskg/hour2335
– firewood and its waste (W=30%)4265
Network voltageV380(50Gz)