Granulator B6DGV-M up to 2.2 t/h

They allow the mechanism to function even under the highest loads

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The B6DGV-M granulator is an improved model with increased productivity (saving time and money). Thanks to the reinforcement of the loaded parts, the press is resistant to breakdowns, ease of operation is achieved by automating the process.

The operation of the B6DGV-M model at our own production became a good basis for the designers and developers of our company in the modernization of the granulator for various types of raw materials, with increased indicators of productivity and reliability of work.

The Granulator B6DGV-M DENASMASH embodies both time-tested and self-justifying functions, as well as innovative progressive solutions. In addition to the standard replacement for an enlarged matrix and rollers, it has a number of additional improvements:

  • The gears of the granulator reducer have a special heat treatment, which leads to a significant increase in the service life.
  • The body of the granulator is made of steel, which is more resistant to cracks and wear compared to cast iron.
  • The possibility of continuous lubrication of the rollers and internal bearings of the granulator reduces the time of idle and idle work at start-up.

Brief technical characteristics of the B6DGV-M granulator:

CharacteristicsUnit measurementValue
Productivity on raw materials:sunflower huskst/hour1,5-2,2
Engine powerkW110
Mixer powerkW3,5
Matrix parametersinner diameter500
working width120
Overall dimensionslengthmm2596
  • The granulator uses a single-stage gearbox, the matrix revolutions are 230 rpm;
  • The diameter of the hole, depth of the channel, angle of countersinking, counter drilling depends on the type and quality of raw materials and is selected individually.

Modernized granulator assemblies are tested and refined at our biofuel production plant, all components are made from high-quality raw materials, spare parts (bearings, matrices, etc.) are purchased directly from German manufacturers. Our company employs highly qualified design, manufacturing and service personnel. The warehouse always has consumables, assemblies and units, parts and components for routine repair and maintenance.

Thanks to our own production with modern technologies and a progressive engineering approach, we can create granulators that provide high productivity, excellent quality of granules with a price-quality ratio for the cost of the equipment.