Solid fuel boilers


One of the most difficult tasks for many companies is the organization of heating systems. To date, a large percentage of enterprises have already abandoned the use of centralized heating and switched to the use of autonomous mechanisms, which are not only distinguished by a high level of economy, but also provide the opportunity to regulate the supply of heat taking into account the needs of the consumer. Long-burning industrial solid fuel boilers are one of the best solutions for modern enterprises that want to significantly reduce costs, while ensuring comfortable conditions in the premises.

What are the features of industrial solid fuel boilers?

This type of heat-generating equipment, such as industrial boilers on solid fuel, is intended for heating large areas, as the devices are characterized by high reliability and power. Modern units of this type are equipped with measuring devices, as well as various devices that ensure comfortable and convenient operation. Long-burning boilers, designed for industrial use and divided into several types:

  • equipment operating on wood (pyrolysis boilers or those operating on wood waste – pellet boilers);
  • coal-fired units (industrial coal boilers);
  • equipment, the work of which is carried out on briquettes made of wood or peat

Such industrial boilers, manufactured by us, are in great demand, since during the operation of the equipment it is possible to use several types of fuel.

Advantages of Ukrainian solid fuel boilers

Maximum gas savings

With the use of solid fuel heating equipment, you will save heating by 2-3 times


The use of high-quality materials in the production of metal-intensive structures allows us to guarantee an estimated service life of 15 years.


Any type of solid biofuel is suitable as a raw material: firewood, branches, coal, pellets, briquettes, sawdust

Quick payback

Home heating will pay off for you in a maximum of 2 seasons; use of our boilers in production premises – up to 1 year

Ease of operation

Depending on the power of the boiler, its maintenance will take you from 20 minutes a week to 30 minutes a day

If you want to buy an industrial boiler that will fully meet the needs of your enterprise, then contact our company “PMZ Denasmash” LLC, which is engaged in the production of high-quality, durable equipment and offers an attractive price for its products.

Prices for industrial boilers and advantages of this equipment.

Special wood-burning boilers, as well as those operating on other types of fuel, are a profitable purchase that pays off very quickly. These devices are superior to other types of equipment according to a list of parameters, the main of which is the cheapness of fuel. A solid fuel wood-burning industrial boiler, like other types of similar equipment, should be purchased for several reasons:

  • the possibility of using different types of fuel (pellets, peat, firewood, as well as coke and coal);
  • low price of fuel and its availability (you can even use waste from agricultural production, as well as woodworking);
  • the equipment does not need to be connected to the electrical network or other types of communications;
  • versatility (we can produce high-performance units designed to work on different types of fuel).

Each industrial chip boiler, like other types of fuel, is equipped with a reliable and durable heat exchanger in case of overheating of the device.

Why is it better to order a solid fuel boiler from “PMZ Denasmash” LLC?

  1. We manufacture equipment in accordance with the standards specified by GOST.
  2. Each device will meet all customer requirements and will be ideal for a specific organization.
  3. Our production facility is equipped with the latest equipment, which allows us to produce high-quality products in an extremely short period of time.
  4. We have a positive reputation for years of building durable and reliable boilers that function efficiently for many decades.
  5. Our company offers attractive prices and, by contacting us, you will be able to profitably purchase equipment that will allow the company to save money in the future.

“PMZ Denasmash” LLC is a time-tested partner who can be trusted with serious matters. Our solid fuel boilers are a reliable heat supply for the entire period of operation.